Who We are?

Our History

Innoplan established since 1990.

Twenty over years


of experience and continue practicing 

Company Secretarial Services  

at our best.


INNOPLAN derives from " Innovative Plan

Having Innovative Plans have became a key practice for Good Corporate Governance,

leading to long-term success for your Company.


We are here to guide you on corporate governance codes and compliances duly imposed by the Companies Act 2016.

Our Aim

We pay exclusive

Personal Attention

to our clients.

Start your Company with our experienced and quality assured Company Secretary Services.


When your Company is aiming high, you need a compliance team that is on target. 

Guiding you in achieving 

Good Governance + Compliances

are our expertise and your Company is our commitment.

Our Services
An exclusive experience with personal attention
  • Formation of New Company "Sdn. Bhd." (New Incorporation)

  • On-Shelf Company ready for sell

  • Company Consultancies

  • Accounting & Taxation Consultations

  • Any Company Secretarial Related Services

  • Trading License Applications

  • Certifications of Documentations

  • Submissions to SSM

  • SSM e-info or Mydata computer print outs

  • Legal Business Consultancy

  • Company Agreements

Additional Services
  • Board of Directors' Meeting(s) 

  • Annual General Meeting

  • Extraordinary General Meeting(s)

  • Audit and Examination Committee Meeting(s)

Delivery Services

We delivery our Goods & Services to your door step within destined area.

For clients that are out of the destined area, we provide reliable courier services.

If you require our delivery services, kindly request and inform us through phone or email.

* Terms & Conditions Apply

We are working closely with

Institute of Chartered Secretary and Administrator (ICSA, London)

Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretary and Administrator (MAICSA)

Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)

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Employees Qualifications
  • Master in Law (LLM, UK)

  • ICSA Associate (Chartered Secretary, London)

  • MAICSA member (Chartered Secretary)

  • Master Degree in Corporate Governance (UK)

  • Master Degree in Commercial Law (UK)

  • BA (Hons) Business Administration (UK)

  • BA (Hons) Science and Biology (UITM)

  • Degree in Business Administration (UMS)

  • BA (Hons) Chemical Engineering (Curtin, Australia)

  • Licensed Secretary (LS, SSM)

  • Diploma in Business Studies and Management (UK)

  • LCCI Accounting and Finance (UK)

  • Diploma in Multimedia (Noble College)

  • Diploma in Accounting and Finance (TAR)

  • BA (Hons) Admin Science (UiTM)




Office Interior

Office Interior

Our graduates from ICSA London UK

Our graduates from ICSA London UK

External view

External view